Learning The Art Of Woodworking At Home June 8, 2017

There is something special about handmade items made of wood and when a person makes one of MERCEDES-BENZ-SSKL-1931-replica-735x413those items themselves, it can be even more special. While woodworking is a fine skill that can take a lifetime to hone as a career, the list of hobbyists is much longer. In fact, with patience and the right instruction, almost anyone can learn woodworking. At least, to some degree. Even something as small and, seemingly, insignificant as a handcrafted birdhouse is something to be proud of.

There are few tasks that can not be simplified down to the application of tools based on a particular set of instructions. The concept is commonly used in the kitchen through cookbooks and recipes passed down through generations. Recently, especially with the availability of digital media that can include video demonstration, the same idea of “recipes” has spread to many different activities that catch people’s interest. Tutorials that can be found on the Internet teach average people anything from simple crafts to experimental technologies. Woodworking, of course, falls somewhere in between. That, naturally, leads to the question of where to find the specific tutorial a person is looking for.

There are plenty of options when it comes to learning basic woodworking. The ultimate goal is Woodworking_Tools_34finding the best, or minimally, the most valuable. With a busy schedule going to a classroom to learn in person is, generally, out of the question. Official online classes are often expensive, they come with the same price tag as going to a classroom with significantly fewer resources. There are videos all over the Internet. Some sites collect educational tutorials and distribute them for a subscription fee or in trade for other tutorials. Youtube is, of course, the go-to place on the Web for free videos. The problem with Internet videos is that all too often the proverbial “blind leading the blind”. While there is nothing wrong with freely sharing information when amateurs teach a fine craft to other amateurs it can be hard to achieve the level of quality and skill that can be reached with a better set of instructions.

Although it is not free like some of the options that can be found, Ted’s woodworking provides hobbyists and more serious craftsmen the instruction, tips, and tutorials all provided by a professional, Ted Mcgrath, for a reasonable one time cost. It is considered to be the number one woodworking resource by CNN, AOL, Yahoo! and more. The two disk DVD set includes, to begin with, the plans for sixteen thousand projects with highly detailed blueprints, material lists, and cut details. In addition to the plans, the disks include one hundred fifty woodworking instructional videos, a three-dimensional plan blueprint viewer, instructions on how to get a woodworking business off the ground, and much more. If those features are not enough for any woodworking enthusiast, the expanding library is always free to customers. With no additional fees, the free updates include new plans that can be downloaded monthly. Ted’s woodworking only continues to become more valuable over time.

When it comes down to giving a Teds Woodworking honest review, there is no better option available on the market today. The program provides more projects than even the most dedicated enthusiasts is likely to be able to complete and more are added all of the time. No matter the purpose of the woodworking from a way to kill some time to a way to make some money, Ted’s Woodworking brings whatever a person needs to the table. A table, that can be hand built based on the project blueprints that the program provides.

WE have entered a whole new age of learning. An age where the art of woodworking comes home. Not only is it a craftsmanship and art but the ability to make things from wood has more than a small amount of practical value. What person would not love to have the knowledge and ability to build anything they could need for themselves and their family? Ted’s Woodworking brings that special set of skills home. Now a person can learn woodworking without having to spend a fortune, from the comfort of their own home, all without sacrificing the quality of the instruction.

Tips For Surviving An Apocalypse January 4, 2016

Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse in a Well Populated Area

Whether you’re attempting to survive a full-fledged zombie apocalypse or an outbreak of a serious illness, it’s essential to be well prepared to keep you and your family alive. In serious life or death situations, a little preparation can often determine who lives and who dies, so take the time to plan for the following:

Water Supply
Store water in your home, enough for each family member for at least three to five days. In addition, stock up on purification tablets and portable Lifestraw water filters, so that if you need to bug out and leave your home, you can filter water while you’re on the move. Humans can survive for much longer without food than they can without water, so you’ll need to make this one of your first priorities for backyard survival.

Store Food
Next, you’ll need to stock up on non-perishable food items that your family will actually eat. You’ll need to store two types of food — foods that you can prepare in your home if you decide to shelter in place, and foods that you can put into a Bug out Bag if you need to evacuate. It can be quite expensive to purchase all of the food that you’ll need in one go, so you may want to consider setting aside $5-$20 for each grocery store trip and stocking up on nonperishables, then keeping them organized in your basement, pantry, or another dry temperature controlled area.

First Aid and Medical Supplies
survival-tool2In an emergency, you’ll need access to first aid supplies such as bandages, wound clotting materials, disinfectants, and antibiotics. As you’re able to, stock up on these medical supplies and keep them in a designated medical kit in your home. You should also stock a small kit to carry in your pocket or purse, and a slightly larger kit to keep in your car. This way, if an emergency strikes while you’re away from home, you’ll have the supplies you need to handle it properly until you can seek medical attention.

Warmth and Light
Additionally, you’ll need to stock up on camping supplies, such as a stove that runs on propane, gasoline, or sterno, and flashlights or lanterns. You won’t want to be left in the dark completely, and you’ll appreciate being able to have a warm meal from time to time. While you’ll have to ration your fuel supplies, these items will come in quite handy the first time someone is sick or injured and you need to boil water for tea or bandages.

Personal Defense
Last, but not least, don’t forget to stock items for personal defense, such as knives, bludgeoning weapons, or guns and ammunition if you know how to shoot. In a post-apocalyptic society, these items will be extremely valuable, and also extremely difficult to come by, so the more you have now, while things are still relatively normal, the better off you’ll be after things get bad. It’s easy enough to live through the best and constantly take a few moments a day to plan for the worst, if it increases your ability to keep your family safe.

Techie or Not, Here Comes ZMOGO! November 26, 2015

Here at ZMOGO, we always like to say that our site is “for users everywhere,” whether you consider yourself techie or not!

And so it is with this idea in mind that we’ve decided to entirely clean out the rubble and the old, outdated stuff that has defined us for so long – actually, for far TOO long, and bringing you an entirely new ZMOGO.com. Hope you wind up digging it as much as we do. Back soon.