Hey, Moms…Here Are 6 Items Your Household Cannot Live Without

Posted by admin - September 5, 2017

When it comes to your family, you want your home to be the place where everything is comfortable. Part of creating that atmosphere of home is having the right products available to make a home feel even homier. From laundry additives to children’s products, here are 6 products that your family cannot live without…
Downy Unstopables

Once upon a time laundry just smelled like laundry… and within a few minutes – it smelt like the samedowny-unstopables shirt your kid made a worm pie in. Until now…

Downy Unstopables is one of the most unique ideas to hit laundry products to make their way to shelves in years and it has some of the best reviews on the internet. Here’s how they work. Simply shake in some of the “fragrance beads” into the wash before you add your laundry. Add your regular soap and then start the laundry cycle.

The fragrance that comes from Down Unstoppables can last for up to one month. While the bottle may be more expensive than your normal laundry additive, it lasts for quite some time. The company also sells fabric softeners containing the same scents.
Dream Lites

Though these night light toys have been around for quite some time, they are still very popular with 420x420.fit.zebra_1kids who have trouble falling asleep. Dream Lites work by casting a star show on to the ceiling of your child’s room, helping them to feel safer at night.

Your child can choose from a variety of colored lights, alternating hues and the product even contains a timer. This ensures a longer life for the Dream Lite’s batteries. If your child finds that they need their Dream Lite nightly or if they do not like the timer feature, consider investing in rechargeable batteries. It will save you money in the long run.
Floating Bookshelves

For families living in small spaces, creativity where storage is concerned is a must. This is especially true if you have a family full of readers. Bookshelves can become bulky, taking up space and they can even be a hazard for young children if they are not bolted to the wall to prevent tumbling. Floating bookshelves allow you to store your books on the wall and the results are not only effective for creating more space… but the effects are also very innovative.
Pioneer Woman Flea Market Collection

Eclectic design with a vintage vibe, your family does not have to be a fan of this popular Food Network show to appreciate this culinary collection provided by Walmart. From 50s style cake stand perfect for Sunday bakes to mix and match patterned china, mugs and even a beagle dog cookie jar… if your family is a little quirky, then you simply cannot live without this unusual collection in your kitchen.

It might seem like an odd item to find on a best of the household list, but ModPodge can help you to turn your old stuff into new stuff again. Use it to collage a coffee table with book pages to create a one of a kind furniture look for your living room. Create decorative, vintage style plates to display in the breakfast nook or use it to just secure breaks in household breakables. Just be sure to work in an area that is protected from ModPodge spills. It is almost impossible to get ModPodge out of fabric even with the best laundry remover money can buy.
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Kids love to color… but most importantly, kids love to color on the wall… and the fridge… and the stove. This used to invoke a feeling of helplessness. Now, with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, crayons will finally erase without the need for repainting. If you have a matte paint finish, do a spot test first as sometimes the eraser can remove a bit of paint along with the crayon marks.

*Hint: If your child has created more than a few marks on the wall, you will require a few packages of erasers. While this product is highly effective, they do wear down quite quickly.
Home may be where the heart is but it is also where your favorite products are. Try these 6 household favorites today to make your home sweet home a little more comfortable for your favorite people. For even more products, visit: Best Reviews – Top 10 Products in any niche.

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